Some basic cmd for linux

# To give permission any Folder

# To get root

# To install GD php extension type and then restart apache –

# To update linux

# How to setup .deb file –

# How to install java 10   –

To set Java 10 as default Java version –

# How to install netbeans [here version is 7.1.2]  –

# How to install XDM Downloader [here version is xdm-2018-x64]  –

First of all we need to download from this link –

Then need to extract and need to go inside the extracted folder after that run below commands –

After that you can find into the start menu.

# Install Skype on Ubuntu 32bit

# Install Skype on Ubuntu 64bit

# youtube downloader –

# Install jdownloader

# Solution of Overheating because of Duel Graphics card in linux –

To check Duel graphics-

1st Way –
Below’s code in terminal to active one and to reduce the overheat-


2nd Way –
Install TLP using the following command:

No configuration required for using TLP. Install it and forget about it.

# For touchpad problem –

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